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— Why we are different and How we can help you Revitalize your Life and Reclaim your Health —

Our promise to you:
We pledge honesty, gentle precision, compassion, and excellence…always! — We focus on your individual needs — provide you measurable results — and deliver the very best for you & your family.


Hello, I'm Dr. Jason Blackketter. Welcome to Genesis Chiropractic. Please take some time to get to know us here on our website. Call me for FREE consultation - 479.696.8000

Dr. Jason Blackketter graduated with honors from the PALMER College of Chiropractic in Davenport, IA. He offers a specialized form of health care, a strict discipline within the field of chiropractic called upper cervical specific. Although you may find several competent and successful Chiropractors in the area, we are the only office in NWA providing this unique service.

You will be pleased and impressed with us for the special attention we give to you, our detailed analysis of your case, and the individualized protocols we design for our practice members.

Our focus is simple:
Get your spine balanced and your brain & body connected.
We utilize advanced chiropractic techniques to analyze the alignment of the joints in your upper neck.
We also evaluate the function of all the vital nerves in your brain stem and spinal cord.
We never do any popping, twisting, cracking, pulling, or traction on your neck!

Everything we do at Genesis Chiropractic comes from this basic premise:
> God created life — a greater intelligence designed every living thing
> He put this intelligence in us — an inborn organizing energy source makes you alive
> your body is smart, self-healing, self-regulating, and adaptive
> life and stress means we are always changing or adapting (you are getting a little bit stronger or weaker every single day)
> you have a lot of control over your own health through your thoughts and daily lifestyle choices, but health is not determined only by your attitude and diet…
> you also need a strong and clear neurological connection from brain-to-body so you can Grow Stronger, Function Better, Heal Properly, and Live up to Your Potential.

We want to help you Be your Best!
At Genesis Chiropractic in Bentonville, AR we take specific 3-D stereoscopic spinographs (advanced X-rays) of the joints in the upper neck region. We are the ONLY office in the whole state of Arkansas taking the Blair Upper Cervical Specific series of films. This innovative approach takes all the guesswork out of adjusting!! It lets us see exactly what is going on inside you.

These specific views of the upper neck also provide us the ability to create a unique adjustment for each individual patient based on your own unique anatomy. Because of this precision work we do for you, we don’t need to do any popping, twisting, cracking, pulling, or traction on your neck! The precise adjustments often last longer and require fewer corrections than a general chiropractic approach.

We use digital infrared paraspinal thermography scans (Tytron C-5000) PLUS postural assessments and leg length inequality tests to analyze the function of the nervous system.

These objective measurements insure you will always receive the right adjustment at the right time delivered in the right way…but only right when you need it!

For people unfamiliar with chiropractic, please read through our blog postings.
Chiropractic care is so good for you because once your body and brain are CONNECTED, we will see your body respond and begin to heal, adapt, grow stronger, and thrive.
We fully expect our clients to experience a change, begin to heal, grow stronger, have more energy, develop a more positive outlook, and perform better in every area of life (job, school, home, family, church, and community).

Please contact us today online or you can call to set up a FREE consultation with Dr. Jason Blackketter (the only vitalistic upper cervical specific chiropractor in NWA)
Phone: 479.696.8000
E-mail: doc@genesis-chiropractic.com
Address: 3216 NW Avignon Way, Suite #8
Bentonville, AR 72712

Our goal is to help you live your potential, so call today and find out how we can partner with you to revitalize your life and reclaim your health!
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