Better results with fewer adjustments

What is a tagline?
better results with fewer adjustments” — what does that really mean?
Is it possible to have different results, better results, from a different Chiropractor?

In the past we’ve said:
“revitalize your life…reclaim your health…with Upper Cervical care”
yet that doesn’t communicate with everyone, so let’s try this new one for a while…Better results with fewer adjustments. Yes, I can prove it. We’ve studied our clinical records and found that patients in our office are adjusted by the doctor much less frequently than in other clinics because our patients hold their alignments longer. This gives their brain and body more time to actually correct the problems, resulting in better results! It is as simple as that.

How do we do it?
Specialized chiropractic care, tailor-made for the individual. Patients find both relief and long term healing. We enjoy helping people with migraine headaches, fibromyalgia, digestive problems, chronic pain, low energy & fatigue, female-specific health concerns, vertigo & dizziness, male-specific dysfunctions, traumatic neck injury, scoliosis or disc and spine problems, post concussion syndrome, ADD/ADHD and learning or behavioral concerns, neurological disorders, and a host of other degenerative issues.

We expect better results with fewer adjustments because of our scientific analysis, advanced x-rays, specific adjusting, spinal care protocol, and system of at-home wellness exercises.
After unlocking problems in the head, neck, shoulders, and spine, we train people to maintain better posture and hold their alignment longer. Over time this process allows the body to correct itself, heal more completely, and function normally so you can thrive and live life again!!

Our specialized training in the neuro-musculo-skeletal anatomy and function of the upper neck allows Dr. Blackketter to work with women of all ages (and men too, including their children) to help them be the best they can be, regardless of current level of health.
Please consider setting up a complimentary consultation with the doctor (Monday or Thursday at 12:00 Noon). He will answer your questions and help you understand what can be done in your specific case. Call 479.696.8000 or e-mail

revitalize your life…reclaim your health…with Upper Cervical care…better results with fewer adjustments…so you can thrive

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