Biking one of the few things I really, reallllly like…

I’m not quite sure how to categorize this post…it is about joy, freedom, passion, speed, becoming your best, quiet reflection, enjoying creation, and of course as the title indicates: bicycling.

–One category or tag idea was simply: Cycling, but that doesn’t capture the essence for me.

–Another thot was: Fitness, but that is way too broad and rather confusing when one considers all the various crazy things people do to become “better fit” even while they are actually doing some harmful or destructive things to their bodies.

–Finally I settled on this: my biking infatuation, because it is one of the few things I really, reallllly like.


You read that correctly: I really, reallllly like my bike, almost to the point of loving it. Don’t send me any hate mail (please no sick remarks or anti-cycling criticism), but take a moment to listen and understand. After all, this is what I do everyday with clients, try to listen and understand.

If it were possible for a man to love a thing, I think I’m at least infatuated, if not head over heels madly in love with the sights–sounds–smells of cycling (well, not all of the smells, i.e. a used pair of shorts or gloves becomes…umm, maybe I won’t go there today!).

None of my bikes are new. Some are nearly ancient by bike industry standards. But I enjoy them all, almost as much as my buddy John is infatuated with his one-of-a-kind collection of bikes.

I love admiring the lines and angles of fabricated geometric tubing. I love the sound of gears, chains, axles, bearings, tires, and a well-worn saddle. I love the drama of the Tour de France, a NEW single track found, tandems, brutal mountain passes to climb, the feel of wind rushing past me, big blue sky, and the long white line along the shoulder.

Maybe it doesn’t fit very well into your notion about what a Chiropractor should blog about…but I’m not your average doctor!

More about that later…and more to come about this sometime too.

Feedback, anyone?!?

  1. […] This Tour de France video of a father and his child riding next to the race is just way too cool to pass up. I’ve pulled all of my kids on rides for years (individually and all 3 of them together in various creative set-ups with a combination of Burley trailers and/or trail along bikes). In case you missed the blog, here are my recent thots about bicycling. […]


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