Can drinking Water really change your Life?

Come on, doc, everyone knows it’s important to drink water…right?!?

Actually, no.
I’m a bit surprised by how many people don’t drink enough water, or worse yet, only drink water to swallow pills, in hopes of treating symptoms with drugs, but I digress…

What about other drinks besides water?
The amount of soft drinks / soda pop / carbonated beverages consumed by Americans each year was estimated to be nearly 50 billion liters, which equates to about 216 liters per person, or about 57 gallons per year for every person in the United States!!

That’s not healthy…at all. Period.
Soft drinks are highly acidic (2.3 to 3.7 on pH scale), full of chemicals, man-made artificial flavoring / coloring / sweeteners the body can’t process, and of course empty carbohydrate calories from sugar and high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), which has been linked to increases in diabetes.

So, bottled water is a better choice than Coca-cola, right?
Well, yes and no. If you want to lose weight, then by all means quit drinking soft drinks — and yes, that includes diet too! You should avoid most diet drinks like the plague. Those artificial sweeteners, like aspartame, are so confusing to the body’s digestive system and pancreas that you’ll actual start storing fat as a survival defense mechanism even if the drink is “calorie free”.

The vast majority of bottled water in this country has its problems too.
It is highly acidic. It is expensive. It causes lots of garbage.
Some of these companies have started adding artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners, and even fluoride into their products. So read the labels. Buyer beware. Bottled water is usually nothing more than municipal tap water with a blue label slapped on the side.
Although the public water supply system in the U.S. is highly regulated (by the government, who repeatedly assure us they have our best interest in mind), if you want the real Truth about it, tap water isn’t healthy either!
Have you tasted it?
Do you like the smell of your tap water?
Have you researched this issue…?
Back to bottled & filtered water for a second, you know, that super expensive stuff in clear plastic you buy for $1.00 per pint or even $4.00 per liter if it has a fancy colored glass bottle.
Come on now, admit it. You’ve bought this stuff before!
If it costs more and looks good, it must be better for me, right?!?

Nope…sorry to burst your bubble…but this “healthier bottled water” may also contain pollutants, chemicals, and toxins (unless it has been purified and/or distilled). Common contaminants found in the public water systems include: heavy metals like lead, plastics, chlorine, lye, fluoride, pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, and every type of pharmaceutical drug you can imagine (prescription and OTC medication)! Most of this processed bottle water is no different from your tap water, and it may have been sitting in plastic for a long time before you drink it. And to top it off, the bottled water industry has fewer federal regulations on it than the drinking water coming out or you faucet…YIKES!

Not to mention the environmental hazard we’ve created by producing and throwing away so much plastic every year.

You may be wondering if there is a safe & healthy alternative?!?…YES, absolutely.

So, what is a better type of water to drink?
(I’m glad you asked!)
The best water has at least 4 characteristics — and they are:

+Clean and pure –yet still containing essential minerals and ions,
++Natural micro-clustered –like an artesian spring or waterfall or glacier,
+++Alkaline on the pH scale* –similar to many pristine sources found in nature and able to provide your body with plenty of oxygen
++++Antioxidant and ionized –the normal Oxygen Reduction Potential (ORP)* of water is positive on the ORP scale (a positive ORP means it Oxidizes or Rusts or Ages everything it touches). To achieve the rare, but desirable, characteristic of Anti-Oxidant water (also called anti-aging or negative ORP), the H2O molecules must be split through an electrolysis system.

Kangen water® (by Enagic) is the only water ionizing machine consistently achieving all 4 of these powerful qualities. They have a track record as being the first and best product on the market. In fact, Kangen’s water tests a negative ORP (strong Antioxidant anti-aging value) which is often 10 times stronger than the anti-oxidizing power of Vitamin C and Green Tea. The importance of a plentiful supply of antioxidants in the body is explained on the Penn State Research page: antioxidants destroy or neutralize free radicals in your body. This protects the cells from the destructive effects of unpaired electrons (of free radicals) and their cascading chain reaction through the tissues of your body. Antioxidants also benefit the body’s inborn ability to deal with stress. Our amazing self-regulating immune function and our self-healing natural state is Health and living at Ease.
*The actual ORP value and pH of the water is influenced by the quality of water coming from your faucet, so results may vary, but this technology has been used successfully for over 40 years by Enagic (TM) machines and is effective with any water source.

Kangen® water machine, manufactured in Japan by OEM company Enagic (TM)

No other water ionizer company in the world has the history, research, international recognition, and longevity (over 40 years on the market in Japan) as Enagic (TM). The company has been around since 1974 and are certified Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM). They expanded their direct product distribution into the United States in 2006.
Enagic (TM) delivers 5 types of water by sending electric current through their proprietary plates of solid titanium coated with platinum. Kangen water is truly the very best on the market…drinking it can change your life!

You can see all of their Independent Third Party safety certifications, U.S. and International patents, environmentally friendly awards, and quality control and manufacturing licenses at their website:

Check out this video demonstration of the major benefits of Kangen “Living” Water with Bob Gridelli.
Are you thirsty yet? Are you wondering…
“How can I benefit from this water?”
Glad you asked…
Just drink it.
Try it and see.
Make a change today.
We’ll give you 4 Gallons of this amazing water FREE (this is about a 1 week supply).

You heard me correctly:
Free Kangen® water for a whole week. Fresh alkalinized, ionized, micro-clustered, antioxidant, filtered water. Available right here in Bentonville, Arkansas.
CALL TODAY – and come by the office to get your first FREE gallons of antioxidant rich Kangen water.

“Can it really help me?”
Yes. It may help you revitalize your life, your body will start to function more efficiently, and could even change it for the better in ways you can’t even imagine!
Hundreds and thousands of people have seen improvements in their health, wellness, and overall sense of well-being after drinking the water. Contact Linda Brown for more info. about Enagic’s amazing Kangen water machines at and tell her Dr. Blackketter referred you! Thanks.

Just come by our office and we’ll help you get started.
There is no cost or obligation on your part.
Our simple request is that you follow the Doctor’s recommendations and bring your jugs back each time you need a refill.
See you soon!
If you want to continue after the free trial we have a couple of programs that may be right for you!

  1. Linda Brown says:

    Hello Dr. Blackketter! I am excited to see that this incredible water is making its way into our society to help as many people as will drink the water. I learned about Kangen water last May. I drank 2 gallons of 9.0 alkaline water and knew I had to have a machine. Since then, I purchased my machine and started sharing the water with people for FREE. I have heard many exciting testimonies from friends and family. My personal testimony is for years I have suffered from 24/7 neck pain resulting from a tragic car accident when I was 12. After drinking 9.5 ionized Kangen water for 5 weeks, my neck started moving on its own and I can move my neck looking over my shoulders and the pain is gone. Allergies have disappeared and the filmy vision I had struggled with for the last 10 years has disappeared! I will share this blog with other friends who have incredible testimonies to give! Change your Water Change your Life! Just drink the water!!! Linda, Rogers, AR

  2. Thanks for the testimony, Linda. I appreciate your enthusiasm and willingness to share this great product with so many people.
    Let me know if there is anything I can do to help more people all over NWA become stronger and healthier. Kangen water is an important part of the vital wellness program in our office. It is great to know other people in our community who share our vision and focus — helping people live better lives!
    Dr. Jason Blackketter,
    vitalistic upper cervical specific chiropractor


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