What causes Meniere’s Disease and can the suffering be relieved?

This information has potentially life-changing benefits for people struggling with Meniere’s Disease or similar symptoms. Both the doctors treating patients and the patients themselves need to hear what’s been discovered: We know the most common cause of Meniere’s, and upper cervical doctors are uniquely qualified to help. Please contact us if you are suffering with any of the symptoms...

Top 3 Tips of Proper Breathing for your Better Health – Oxygen IN and Carbon Dioxide OUT then Rest

Oxygen IN and Carbon Dioxide OUT…it’s as natural as…well, breathing! BUT there is a much better way to do it. The goal of proper breathing is to get the most benefit of increased oxygenation without hyperventilating. We want to AVOID over-breathing or panting or sighing or mouth breathing. You might be thinking, “Is this guy really serious? Does he think we don’t know...

Chiropractor Reviews – actual results of Upper Cervical Specific care – personal testimonials in their own words – clinical chiropractic case studies from patients

CAN THE BODY REALLY HEAL AND BE WELL? Chiropractor Reviews from our patients…actual results (personal testimonials) about Vitalistic Upper Cervical Specific Chiropractic Care. Click this link to read five star ratings and patient reviews of Dr. Blackketter — all verified by DoctorBase.com as real live people with actual results from upper cervical care in our clinic. CLICK any of the following...

Hearing restored, chronic neck pain relieved, a life revitalized by upper cervical care

Patient testimonial video was originally published on Youtube and Facebook on Aug 18, 2012 This patient lost a majority of her mid-range hearing after an accident during her late teens. For years she dealt with chronic neck pain, hearing loss, achy and arthritic joints, arm pain and back pain, and various other issues…until she tried Upper Cervical care. This is a huge deal… What we do...

Upper Cervical Chiropractors Referral Map – your journey to better health starts with specific Chiropractic

Find verified upper cervical chiropractors near you on this page (click link below). Source: Upper Cervical Chiropractors – Upper Cervical Care | Your Journey to Health Starts Here Part of our mission here at GENESIS Chiropractic is to help people live better, stronger and healthier lives. Dr. Jason Blackketter loves serving the people in our region of the country and we also enjoy seeing patients...

Pain completely gone after Upper Cervical care

“Coming here definitely makes all the difference…” — patient testimony about GENESIS Chiropractic in Bentonville, AR. Patient satisfaction with Dr. Jason Blackketter — read patient reviews of the doctor and check out our 5 star ratings and learn about the benefits of upper cervical care: https://doctorbase.com/blog/jason-blackketter/reviews-ratings Video interview with...

Bicycling from Kansas City to Pittsburg to Miami to Bentonville

Thot I’d share a brief story about one of my long-time loves: riding the open road. I’m talking about biking for 2 days, with 3 friends, in 4 states. This is about 10 months late, publishing after the fact for some reason… I’m not a “biker” — no tattoos — no noisy motorbikes — no exhaust or fossil fuel involved — no blaring radios. I’m...

Run a faster Half Marathon without numbness pain or migraine headaches

This video is “PART 1” from this family, a very brief introduction to the mom and her relief from migraine headaches. She and her husband have seen their health restored after dealing with chronic pain, migraine headaches and visual disturbances (with aura), muscle spasms, numbness and tingling in arm and hand, chronic neck and shoulder pain, knee pain, tight muscles, and extremity dysfunction...

Better results with fewer adjustments

What is a tagline? “better results with fewer adjustments” — what does that really mean? Is it possible to have different results, better results, from a different Chiropractor? In the past we’ve said: “revitalize your life…reclaim your health…with Upper Cervical care” yet that doesn’t communicate with everyone, so let’s try this new one for...

Can the body cure gluten hyper-sensitivity digestive problems ADHD / ADD and behavior problems?

Have you wondered if there is an alternative to a “Gluten-Free” diet? Are you concerned about the bad side effects medications have on children? Is anyone you know struggling with ADHD / ADD symptoms? After trying to correct digestive problems with limited results, are you still searching for the missing piece of the puzzle to gluten sensitivity? Watch this mom’s testimony about her...
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