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We love your feedback, and will give you our very best online answers OR point you to another expert or resource that may be more helpful.
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Dr. Jason Blackketter (vitalistic upper cervical specific chiropractor) does NOT diagnose, treat, or cure any symptom, problem, or disease…especially not over the internet!
…But he is more than happy to answer your questions via e-mail doc@genesis-chiropractic.com about any of the following health care topics:
–Healthy Living, Lifestyle choices,
–Good Diet & Better Nutrition (raw foods, natural, organic, healthy vs. fad diets, man-made vs. God-made food, etc.),
Exercise, weight loss, and the importance of motion,
Water and the vital need of staying hydrated by supplying your body with pure clean natural H2O. This topic (water filtration systems, bottled water, ionizers, etc.) has been hotly debated in recent years, so if you wonder about filtered ionized alkaline water, the pH scale (acid vs. base), “purple water” or Kangen, and the real benefits of alkalinized water…just ask!
–If you are curious about general chiropractic care,
vitalistic chiropractic,
–or upper cervical specific spinal care…we can help you!
–Worried about Drug Reactions, Side-effects, Symptoms, Rx and OTC Pharmaceutical Warnings, or the Limits & Dangers of Medicine…join the club. Ask the doctor!
–and of course we’d love to help you with any other general healthcare questions.

Ask the doctor NWA Chiropractor, Jason Blackketter

Hello, I'm Dr. Blackketter. Please take a moment to contact me. I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

As we said earlier, Ask the Doctor anything!
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Give us your feedback, and we’ll give you our very best online answers OR point you to another resource that may be more helpful.
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Ask the Doctor any healthcare question…
…especially if you want to know about Vitalistic Chiropractic OR how Upper Cervical Specific is different from any other healthcare on the planet.
We’ll give you answers, solutions, and a plan to start something new–a Genesis event in your life!
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