Controversial video – Your Body can CURE Cancer – Naturally

Do you know anyone who has cancer? Yes, of course we all do.

Have you been diagnosed with cancer?
Did a medical doctor, oncologist, surgeon, internist, or some other specialist tell you, “I’m sorry, but you have only a few months to live”…seriously?!? How can they know how long you will live?

Maybe you (or a family member or friend) were “diagnosed with cancer” and then scared into thinking you only had 1 or 2 scary, painful, and dangerous options:
~~Radiation therapy (burn it)
~~Chemotherapy (poison it)
~~Surgery (cut it out)

There is another way…please be open minded. I want you to watch this video interview about an alternative cancer cure. I want to give you hope and reassurance that your body can actually kill cancer, heal itself, and then regain Normal Healthy Function.
You really do have options. And I’d love to help you learn NEW information about how your body really works. Think of this as a true unbiased 2nd opinion with life-changing implications!
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In the video below you’ll hear Naturopath, Dr. Bernardo Majalca, talks about his experiences helping people Learn the Truth about how the body really works. He has helped people overcome fear, understand what cancer really is, balance their body’s chemistry toward alkalinity, heal, adapt to a new way of living, and then thrive. Most of his patients are now living without PAIN and without Fear and without Cancer!

(Parental advisory notice — some of the content, theme, and language of this video may not be suitable for children. Please preview it, but don’t ignore it!)

There are other ways to actually cure cancer naturally and then become stronger and healthier without drugs or surgery!

I won’t provide you with the same old standard second opinion from a medical perspective. The common version of “healthcare” in this country isn’t really health care at all. I’ll give you a new fresh perspective, a real 2nd opinion, based in physiology and facts about life, health, better function, and cancerNOT scare tactics.

The “traditional western medicine (allopathic) approach” plus Billions of Dollars from the government and insurance and pharmaceutical companies has done very little to actually help people with cancer. The drug side-effects from chemo often kill cancer patients long before their cancer would have.

Sadly, the mainstream method still boils down to this: Attack “cancer” as the Enemy. To say we can only burn, poison, or cut you to “remove cancer” is totally ignorant of what cancer actually is. This type of thinking (cut burn poison) comes from a poor understanding about how the body really works.

Nobody needs to die from cancer!
It is not a “given expectation” that we’ll all “get cancer” someday…
People who have unhealthy lifestyles (poor diet is usually the easiest thing to blame) end up being highly acidic on the pH scale. This acid state in the body causes chronic systemic inflammation, literally a fermentation process, less flow of lymph fluid, build up of toxins, decreased oxygen in the cells, and dysfunction throughout the body.
Stop blaming your genes! There is no solid science to link DNA and cancer.* It is inaccurate to blame your family genetics or hereditary as the cause of cancer. Lifestyle, level of strength vs. weakness (health), and inability to adapt to your environment are the real factors to evaluate, not your family health history.

There is a simple, proven way to correct the cause

More info., articles, videos, testimonies, and other helpful links can be found at

Every single one of the following cancer diagnoses (immune failures) are Simple to Cure IF the body can Function Properly and IF the person wants to Live.
If you have heard of any of these types of cancer, then you probably know they are dangerous and often deadly. But the secret truth about it is this: Nobody needs to die from cancer!

Epithelioid hemangioendothelioma (rare bone cancer of blood vessels inside bone)
Metastasized tumor in vertebral column (from primary prostate cancer)
Colorectal cancer (cancer in large bowel, rectum, and/or appendix)
Metastasis in lung (from bladder, liver, colon or breast cancer)
Pancreatic cancer (carcinoma of pancreas)
Carcinoma of lung (primary lung cancer)
Lymph node metastases
Malignant lymphoma
Esophageal cancer
Liver metastasis
Prostate cancer
Bladder cancer
Thyroid cancer
Uterine cancer
Kidney cancer
Breast cancer
Spine cancer
Brain cancer
Bone cancer

Are you afraid of the terminal diagnosis?
Don’t believe it.
Your body can heal itself! And I’m NOT talking about just treating symptoms!
Please Ask the Doctor (Dr. Jason Blackketer, vitalistic upper cervical specific chiropractor) for an independent, holistic, true 2nd opinion based in vitalism. I’ll gladly discuss your life and prognosis from a natural perspective founded on immunology, physiology, neurology, nutrition, and the latest research.

Your amazing body can recover and heal!
It was designed by God to adapt and heal. You were created with an inborn self-healing ability. You have a built in fully functional immune system. This powerful and effective natural laboratory is able to recognize and kill cancer (mutated dysfunctional cells).

You don’t need drugs or surgery or experimental therapy.
You only need 3 things to heal and function optimally:
+1st things first: positive, hopeful, optimistic, intentional desire to really live and thrive
++2nd you must make healthy lifestyle choices each day, especially an antioxidant-rich diet, plenty of rest, increased oxygen intake, and balanced healthy alkaline pH in your body (remember that an acid pH state is the preferred environment for cancer and inflammation and most other disease processes)…the quickest and easiest way to change your body to a healthy alkaline pH is by changing your drinking water to “Kangen (TM) living water”
+++3rd and final vital need is a strong clear neurological connection between your brain & body so that innate power source (inborn life energy) can intelligently coordinate & organize all the functions in every cell in your body, including the immune system, digestion, hormone levels, cellular regeneration, and overall health & strength

So, why do people’s bodies fail? Why did you get sick?
Why does a person’s immune system fail to kill cancerous cells?
It is simply because you are missing something you really need (see 3 things above).
When you are missing a vital component of health, the body fails to work right, and you develop problems…including cancer.
Let’s get you back on the right track! We can help you make a change.
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*I am more than happy to provide links to research and more information about genes and oncogenes and the role DNA plays in cancer and your health. Please send your requests through the website: click —> on our “Ask the Doctor” page.

  1. I am approaching the end of my year of herceptin. I haven’t gained any weight. In fact, I lost a couple of pounds this year and it’s stayed off.

    I think sometimes you just don’t feel well during cancer treatment and move less. I was always thin and sedendtary, so being lying around hasn’t affected me. People who were more active and now are not moving probably experience weight gain. Also, some chemos put you in menopause – did for me. Many people gain weight then.

    Just my thoughts.

  2. Really interesting post. I enjoyed reading your perspective, because it was really different. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Ulanda says:

    This is so inspirational. I’ve lost a few family members and friends to cancer already. About 20yrs ago I started experimenting with natural cures. Two years ago I developed skin cancer. I used the natural cures that I had googled and the cancer disappeared over a six week period. It was like a miracle and I am determined that I will never subject myself to oncology treatment as long as I live. I have also met a few people who were diagnosed with cancer decades ago. They changed their lifestyle but left the cancer alone. They’re still around to tell their story. I cannot believe that so many people suffer horribly when there are useful treatments besides surgery, chemotherapy and radiation that work. The money made from dying people is just obscene. Thank you for posting this video.

    • Ulanda,
      Thanks so much for taking the time to comment on this video post!
      We need more people to hear your story and understand the simple truth about how the body works naturally.
      Thanks again,
      Dr. B

    • Peter says:

      This is very interesting. Would like to know some of the cures you used?

      • Peter, The body has an innate ability to heal, so the “cures” so many people are seeking come from within the body. The goal is remove and reduce stress from your life (physical, mental, chemical) while at the same time adding things into your life that make it stronger and healthier. In addition to proper function of both the nerve system and immune system, we also recommend patients follow a strict protocol for avoiding toxins, eating a specific diet of food that is nutrient-dense and anti-inflammatory, getting plenty of rest and proper hydration, plus intentional optimistic thinking, prayer, and a positive mental outlook.

        So the short answer is simple: the only reason people get sick is an inability to properly handle stress (this has been called reduced adaptation or dis-ease), and the only reason people get well is by improving their adaptation to stress.

  4. pamela says:

    My journey with cancer began when my dad died from cancer soon after I turned 5 years old. He was a physician and a wonderful man. He saved other people’s lives. He saved my best friend when she had spinal meningitis at the age of 4. We’ve been best friends ever since.
    Right before I found out I had breast cancer, I had just completed my Master of Education degree in Creative Arts at Carthage College in Kenosha, Wisconsin. It was May 2007. My life during that time was so busy. I was a single mom, teaching full time, and going to Carthage two nights a week. The news of cancer made my life come to an abrupt halt.
    I was diagnosed with stage II invasive ductal carcinoma breast cancer on August 11, 2007. I was alone, sitting in my living room with the phone, waiting. The doctor called around 9:15 a.m. I was devastated with the news. I remember feeling numb and wanting to deny the truth. I started to think of all of the reasons why I probably got cancer—blaming myself. I sobbed and prayed at the same time. I pleaded with God to not let me abandon my children from cancer like my daddy, who I still missed dearly.
    Then I decided to use my energy in a positive way and learn about breast cancer. I went online. That’s when I saw how cannabis oil has saves life, so i order the oil and started using it and my breast cancer is gone. you can contact them via:

  5. James beard says:

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  6. Ayshwarya says:

    Hello Doctor,

    Just recently one of my family member diagnosed with blood cancer. Can you tell me what can be done?

    Thank you in advance

    • The first thing I’d recommend is spend some time researching ALL the options available. Many common methods of treatment by the medical profession have life-altering side effects and very poor success rates. If you haven’t already seen this other article and videos, please see for an introduction to the dangers of standard cancer therapies. There are many other cancer beating protocols which are much more natural, more effective, less expensive, safer, and without all the major side-effects found in chemo-therapies, radiation treatments, and surgeries.

      Secondly, seek out health practitioners who think outside the box. Survival rates for cancer are largely unchanged in the last 40 years for people using standard guidelines from the powerful cancer societies and medical associations. I’m not saying everyone is better served with only a conservative natural approach, but the success rates and claims of curing cancer are dramatically better when people make very specific changes in their diets, lifestyle choices, and immune system strengthening treatments.

      The third step is to make a decision about what is best for your family member’s situation…then proceed with gusto. The body is smart and it can heal. What it needs is no interference to the normal process of health, healing, and cellular repair of damaged DNA.

      Nobody ever got cancer because they had a deficiency of drugs, or too little radiation, or too many organs. Cancer is almost always a failure of the neuro-immune regulatory system to recognize and fix problems, coupled with an acidic inflammatory environment inside the body causing a deficiency of proper nutrients being delivered to the cells in the body. These basic functional problems can be corrected, restored, brought back into normal balance, nourished with proper nutrition, and healed.

      Let me know if you’d like a personal consultation.

      Dr. B


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