Why vitalism and chiropractic works

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Check out our Vitalism and Vitalistic Chiropractic blog for plenty of clinical evidence, detailed physiological & anatomical support, and also our philosophical basis for what we do.
Chiropractic works (in our office) because we are committed to the SCIENCE and PHILOSOPHY of vitalistic upper cervical specific care.

Here is a link to UpperCervicalCare.com for great videos, testimonials, and lots of info. about the unique form of care we provide at Genesis Chiropractic.
Check out “My Chiro Correction” to see how your misalignment affects the spinal cord, posture, and overall function of the body. The animation also shows the adjustment and correction process as the body heals naturally.
Check back again for updates, more links, pictures, cool videos, etc.

Intimate relationship between the Spinal Column and Nervous System

Why chiropractic care (or lack of it) impacts every part of your life

Our Objectives:
Renew your hope
Restore your health
Re-create your happiness
Reconnect you to your purpose
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Revitalize your life — Reclaim your health


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