Run a faster Half Marathon without numbness pain or migraine headaches

This video is “PART 1” from this family, a very brief introduction to the mom and her relief from migraine headaches. She and her husband have seen their health restored after dealing with chronic pain, migraine headaches and visual disturbances (with aura), muscle spasms, numbness and tingling in arm and hand, chronic neck and shoulder pain, knee pain, tight muscles, and extremity dysfunction in wrist, shoulder, ankles, and knees.

A side note, but also an amazing report we just received early this month about her running:
She knocked 6 more minutes off her previous best time, which came last year when she took 7 minutes off her previous personal record for the half marathon!!!
Non-runners may not appreciate this for what it really is worth, but that is absolutely incredible!
Without changing anything about her diet or training, she has taken off 1 minute per mile in just over a year. The only change was getting upper cervical care in our office.

She credits me with helping her get these amazing new times (and I quickly reminded her I facilitated the healing so she could achieve her improved athletic ability), partly because she feels so much better than before. It all comes down to improved health and optimal function.
(I can’t promise that you will save 13 minutes on your Half PR by coming to see me, but it worked for her.)

Anyone who runs wants to run faster 1/2 marathons. This clinical case may not be typical, but it demonstrates how the body works more efficiently when the brain-to-body nerve communication is strong and clear. What a difference an adjustment makes whether you are a runner or not!!
Better results with fewer adjustments means no more migraine headaches, no more pain, no more numbness, and faster running times!

Please check out “PART 2” from this family: a video testimonial published recently about one mom’s battle with a gluten sensitive diet for her young boy…she saw an amazing life-change after he had an Upper Cervical specific adjustment, which literally puts his body into the properly alignment so it could heal itself!!

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