Slick rock cycling in Sedona AZ – Hangover Trail

Thanks John – my long-time friend and fellow cyclist – for the amazing pictures, video, and description about mountain biking in Sedona, AZ. Looking at your pics and watching the video made me miss those days out West and the stunning beauty and killer bike rides!

The latest RockyChrysler blog —> “Hangover” <--- describes a “wildcat trail” hidden away along the edge of the Mogollon Rim in N central Arizona.

“No mere social trail, Hangover is an unbelievably well-scouted, built, and maintained trail. It is, in a nutshell, someone’s life-work, his (or her) crowning achievement. Hands-down, it’s the most solidly constructed, bold, sustainable, challenging, frightening, thrilling, clever wildcat trail I’ve ever had the pleasure to ride in all my years on a bike…An absolute, unmitigated, total blast.”

It is a must see…

Check out the video below and enjoy the spectacular views and hair-raising drop offs of the Hangover trail:

Want to see more? here’s more mt. bike pictures in Sedona from Morgan Meredith posted by

  1. so, doc, when are you gonna come ride hangover with me?

    thanks for the post!

  2. I’d love to ride again, and would be there in a minute if the geography allowed it!

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  4. Ethan, Thanks for the praise for chiropractic & cycling! They really go together well. I have noticed my performance, balance, and athletic ability improved through specific chiropractic care.
    BTW, I’d love to ride across America someday…been a dream of mine since Jr. High school.


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