Why Genesis Chiropractic is Different – 5 reasons

Why Genesis Chiropractic is different, 5 Reasons…among many ;o)

1) Simply put, you come first and we’ll listen to your needs!
2) Thermography (heat scans of the nerve system)
3) Vitalistic approach so you can truly heal and thrive. I’m serious when I say,
“We help you be your best!”
4) Specific adjustment based on Blair upper cervical x-ray analysis
5) Personalized exam, detailed approach to care, and strict protocol designed to correct the cause of the problem so your body can function normally.

So here are the details behind those 5 reasons we are different:
1) Simply put, you come first!
You’ve finally found a place to begin: GENESIS Chiropractic is all about you.
I’m fully committed to hearing you and understanding your needs. “We will listen to you!” Dr. Blackketter is routinely described as a “doctor who actually listens to his patients.”

2) We Run Scans NOT Scams
Paraspinal thermography scans are 100% safe, reliable, scientific, and objective.
These heat scans show the doctor where you have inflammation and irritation in your nerves.
To quote Dr. J.R. Crabtree, a great Knee Chest Upper Cervical Specific doctor in Searcy, AR
“The scan don’t lie!”

Tytron C-5000 nerve function scanner (digital infrared paraspinal thermography)

The purpose of a visit to our office in Bentonville, AR is for the doctor to check your nerve system and spine, determine the most beneficial approach for your situation, adjust when necessary, monitor your progress toward your goals, and teach you how to live up to your potential.

3) We want to help you revitalize your life and reclaim your health so you can be your best!
You can live better. You can be stronger and healthier. You can thrive.
We believe you deserve the best vitalistic holistic approach to healthcare…so you can be your best!
(You can read more about living a vitalistic chiropractic lifestyle on this article…or you can browse through a few pages of blogs on this category “vitalism” on this site)
We believe you are a unique individual; therefore, you deserve to be treated like an individual and we’ll help you get what you want.
–We never give a general “cookie-cutter” approach to your health care.
–We never manipulate your spine.
–We never do any popping, twisting, cracking, or traction on your neck…because there is a better way.

4) Specific adjustment to correct the spinal problems and restore balance to the nerve system.
Remember…“The scan don’t lie!”

If the scan says “adjustment needed” — we adjust.
If the scan says “wait and see” — we wait and check you again later.
If the scan says “clear and connected” — we celebrate! Your body is in a process of healing…congratulations…keep up the good work!

Our approach is quite different from most general Chiropractors, but there is a good reason for being so particular and conservative and detail-oriented about your needs. We do our best…so you can be your best!
Your unique “subluxation pattern scan” is the fingerprint identifying what your body looks like when it is not clearly connected between brain & body and in need of an adjustment.
–The more precise the timing of the adjustment, the better it will connect you.
–The more specific the adjustment, the longer it will hold.
–And holding the adjustment (not getting the adjustment) is what allows your body to heal.

The method in our madness is simply this: we deliver a specific adjustment to your spine when you need it…but only when our detailed system of checks and scans indicate you need an adjustment to restore your brain-to-body connection.

In other words, your specific upper cervical adjustment is tailor-made just for YOU. This process takes some extra time, but we believe you are worth it. Our scientific system takes all the guesswork out of your health care and allows us to fine-tune your spine and nerve system to function optimally. Restoring and maintaining a clear neurological connection between your brain and body allows your body to begin healing, adapting, and functioning better so you can live better.

5) We evaluate your health history, current condition, past injuries, various stress factors, and future goals. Then we give you our best recommendation to help you meet your goals.

Our complete vitalistic functional examination includes:
-a detailed verbal history,
-Q&A with the doctor,
-functional systems review,
-range of motion evaluation,
-sensory/reflex/motor/strength tests as needed,
-cranial nerve exam if applicable,
-peak flow lung function,
-posture assessment, leg length inequality checks, body balance and muscle tone exam,
-spinal palpation (muscle, tendon, bones, fascia, and joints),
full spine nerve function scan (click for research on thermography),
-and other applicable orthopedic and neuromuscular exams.

In order to provide you and your family the highest quality vitalistic chiropractic care in NW Arkansas, we also take a specialized set of upper cervical specific stereoscopic spinographs (3-D X-rays of the joints in your upper neck).
If the scan is your “fingerprint pattern” then these specific spinographs are the “blueprints” of your subluxated position. They show your upper cervical doctor exactly how to adjust you (based on your unique anatomy) and re-connect you to your life source.

A precisely-vectored scientific chiropractic adjustment is designed for each one of our patients. This specific correction is based on a precise measurement of the misalignment(s) of the bones in your head and neck. We pay very special attention to your anatomy because the unique shape and contours of your Atlas (1st cervical vertebra) and Axis (2nd cervical vertebra) determine the approach that is best for you.
Our precise analysis of your anatomy utilizes the following articular-based upper cervical specific systems: Blair, Knee Chest (KCUCS), Palmer Toggle-Recoil (HiO), and Duff, along with some minor input from the orthogonal upper cervical perspectives used by NUCCA, Quantum Spinal Mechanics (QSM3), Atlas Orthogonal (AO), and Grostic/Orthospinology.

Our clinic is the ONLY practice in the State of Arkansas taking these specialized Blair views of the upper cervical spine <--- click for more details about the Blair technique. In addition to knowing exactly HOW to adjust each client, we also strive to know WHEN to adjust and when NOT to adjust. We follow a strict protocol using nerve function pattern analysis (Tytron C-5000 digital infrared paraspinal thermographic scans) to inform the doctor with certainty exactly what each patient needs and when they need it. These scientific scans tell us precisely what is going on in your body and how your nerves are adapting.

Every single program of care in our office is designed specifically for you and your family. Our personalized report and recommendation for care is based solely on what we find during the initial consultation, exam, and X-rays. There is no formula or generic plan.
We run scans (to check your spinal function and nerve connection), not scams (to fill a calendar and pad a bank account). We believe you have better things to do with your time and money than coming to our office 2 or 3 days a week for the next 6 months!

This method may not be the most lucrative business model, and it certainly takes more of our time and creativity and commitment to develop and follow individualized plans…But we believe you are worth it!! And we also believe people are more important than the bottom line. Some of our clients take advantage of our optional pre-pay discount plan for their initial program of upper cervical specific care. In addition to a generous discount (helps you save money and commit to long-term wellness), we find these people get the most benefits out of our vitalistic program of health care. Buying a plan is not a requirement for you to begin care at Genesis Chiropractic…After all, you are an adult (or there is an adult responsible for your well-being), and you are capable of making good choices.

Reviewing “why Genesis Chiropractic is different”
1) Simply put, you come first and we’ll listen to your needs!

2) Thermography (heat scans of the nerve system)
3) Vitalistic approach so you can truly heal and thrive. I’m serious when I say, “We exist to help you be your best!”
4) Specific adjustment based on Blair upper cervical x-ray analysis
5) Personalized exam, detailed approach to care, and strict protocol designed for you to correct the cause of the problem so your body can function normally.

–We are the ONLY place in NWA where you can find a non-invasive spinal expert using specific neurological pattern analysis to determine brain stem function.
–We are also the ONLY office in NWA delivering vitalistic principled holistic health care for individuals or whole families, regardless your age or current condition.

By our 6th month in business, people were driving to see us from 12 surrounding counties in AR, OK, MO, and even as far away as North TX!

Come find out how vitalistic upper cervical specific chiropractic can make a difference in your life.
Tell a friend about us—make sure you get the credit for referring them into our office so we can thank you properly.
–>We are just a phone call away…479.696.8000

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